I’m a content strategist. I’m also an experienced interactive designer and am trained in information architecture. What I Do In a nutshell, I marry user needs with business objectives to make useful, useable content. This makes people happy, including me. I conduct user and stakeholder research to find needs and objectives. I inventory and audit content to understand what you’ve got and how it’s working. I develop messaging hierarchies and content topics, and give guidance on content structure and organization. I also create publishing and maintenance plans to bring the strategy to life. That’s just the quick list. If you’re curious about what else I can do, check out my resume.

Why I Do What I Do I want people to easily find answers to their questions. I want to make websites less frustrating for users and more effective for businesses. I want the Internet to be a better place.

How I Got Here My background is in interactive design, and before that print design. An insatiable need for a plan and my desire to make useful and beautiful websites lead me to content strategy. If you’ve got some time, take a look at my work. Or if you want to chat, go ahead and drop me a line.