Information Architecture +
User Experience


I'm Kate Robinson

I'm an experienced information architect and user researcher, with a background in content strategy and design.

What I Do 

In a nutshell, I organize information to make useful, useable websites. This makes people happy, including me.

I conduct user and stakeholder research to find opportunities and objectives. I inventory and audit content to understand what you've got and how it's working. I develop systems and structures for your information, and give guidance on content messaging and structure. I create wireframes and prototypes to bring ideas to life. I also manage teams—both large groups working on website projects and the day-to-day of my direct reports.

That's just the quick list. If you're curious about what else I can do, check out my skill set.

Why I Do What I Do 

I want people to easily find answers to their questions. I want to make websites less frustrating for users and more effective for businesses. I want the Internet to be a better place.



Skill Set


Responsible for the preparation, coordination, execution, and analysis of in-person, mobile, and remote user interviews and usability testing. Analyze data to synthesize results, develop insights, and communicate key findings with clients and team members.

USER interaction DESIGN

Work with designers, writers, and developers to create usable, accessible web interactions that meet the needs of our users and clients. Lead interaction design sessions, and create wireframes and prototypes to communicate ideas with team members and clients.


Experience with most aspects of content strategies, including, content inventories and audits, user research and personas, competitor analysis, messaging architecture, content architecture and templates, editorial planning, and workflow recommendations.

USER experience DESIGN

Guide teams of designers, writers, and developers to create web experiences that are useful, usable, accessible, and pleasurable for target audiences. Develop experience maps, user flows, and wireframes to communicate experiences to clients and teams members.


Create website architectures rooted in user research. Develop the best deliverable to communicate key information including, site maps, wireframes, taxonomies, prototypes, and user interface designs.


Manage a team of full- and part-time staff and serve as project creative lead. Recruit and hire staff and interns. Work with directors, traffic managers, and project managers to coordinate workloads and workflows of team members.


Let's Chat.

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